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Not much is known about Acraea, but witnesses have reported that they have a demanding presence and are not often seen without a certain strong Penumbra member.

Acraea is usually found separate from the rest of The Covenant of Penumbra, acting as a decoy of sorts; causing havoc away from the rest of the group and normally the first to attack.

Training and AbilitiesEdit


- Force Speed – action or motion used to accelerate normal movements quicker
- Force Leap or Force Jump – Leaping or Jumping abilities that travel higher
- Force Pull and Force Push – Pulling or Pushing objects and it is similar to telekinetic Pull or Push use
- Force Throw – Throwing objects away and it is similar to telekinetic Throw use
- Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy - You can receive an emotion and thought from others

and then return thoughts via the Force to the same individual. This is a form of Force communication.

- Force Control Pain – used to help with controlling your physical pain
- Force Levitation - involves using telekinesis aided by the Force to lift yourself or items into the air
- Force Sense - allow Force sensitive users to feel the Force energies around them and you will sense the force in a

certain place and whether it is light or dark

- Force Enhancement

- to help you focus during long or short periods while you are tapping into a vast amounts of dark side power
- you can use one Force Power Level above your own when it is used
- however, you will succumb to exhaustion the moment your Force Power usage affects your opponent or target

- Farseeing – allows a force user to "see" into the future, past, and present
- Force Masking - block your own Force signature from others nearby you
- Force Dark Aura – allows you to create in the immediate surrounding coldness, fear, and uneasiness
- Force of Dark Shadow - allows you to create a dimming dark light or shadows within a lit area
- Force Shield - ability to raise a lesser or greater Force Shield or Force Energy Wall
- Force Choke Hold – allows you to choke your opponent, but please keep in mind that Jedi Knight, Jedi Guardian, and Jedi

Master are able to defeat the use in a correct manner of distraction or forcing the attacker to lose control

- Force Resonate - allows a person to send a vibrating resonance into an object or area of material
- Force Electronic Communication - allows a person to communicate mentally with known electronic systems using receptive

and projective telepathy similar to Luke communicating with R2

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