Nadgkema An'Telkis
Nadgkema Wiki

Full Name
Nadgkema An'Telkis
Mid Twenties
110 Lbs
Eye Color
Blue Green
Hair Color
Light Brown
Home Planet
Dark Spire of Ruusan
Valerian M'adoc
Other Family
Risha (mother, deceased)
Lirko (father, deceased)
Filippa (younger sister)

In CharacterEdit



An Onderonian HandmaidenEdit

Nadgkema was born as the eldest daughter of a noble couple at the Onderonian royal court. Due to her lineage, she was considered to become one of the princess's handmaiden when she was a little girl. Due to the position she would be honoring, Nadgkema was trained in various disciplines, which included both training in fencing, unarmed combat and education in history, languages. She also happened to be one of the very most talented dancers of the court, and always mesmerized by her elegance and manners at any reception.

Her parents hoped to be able to marry her so that the family's position could improve again. Yet, they could never fulfill their dream, as Nadgkema's life radically changed when she was in her early teenage years. When she was about fourteen, she began to develop certain skills, that she sadly couldn't control. Nobody knowing or wanting to see it as a Force gift, she was soon considered a curse by her family, as windows and various objects always shattered around the young girl whenever she was experiencing a quick change of mood or a strong emotion.

Now treated as a disgrace, Nadgkema spent two years locked in her own apartment, with almost no real contact. Not knowing how to handle her new “powers”, the teenager spent most of her time keeping on studying and training. This was how she discovered that physical exercise such as fencing, but above all dancing, was the one way to keep her balanced and do less damage, especially due to the frustration of being quite caged.

When she was about seventeen, the future queen, who had become Nadgkema’s friend over her years as a handmaiden, found a way to set up her escape from Onderon. The princess had secretly arranged for the former handmaiden to be taken to Coruscant where she might begin a new life. Nobody else ever learnt the truth about Nadgkema’s disappearance, but it wasn’t much of a problem as it was a relief for her family.

Once on the Core world, Nadgkema began to work at the Coruscant Opera as a dancer. Her ballet skills being impressive, she soon began one of the main stars of the establishment, attracting many spectators. Thanks to this quickly obtained reputation, she chose to live alone in her own appartment at the Opera itself, where nobody was allowed to disturb her. Living in reclusion, aside from her performances, allowed her to maintain some personal stability for the following year.

An unusual admirer / Journey to RuusanEdit

Life never being a straight line, fate happened to bring a strange change to Nadgkema's new life on Coruscant. One evening, someone picked on her Force sensitive side and decided to meet her. What Vandal Frey hadn't planned was that the Onderonian wasn't going to be easy to speak to, and even less to convince about maybe coming with him back to Ruusan. Their first meeting turning out to be quite conflictual, though it was almost to be expected seen their personalities, Vandal had no other choice but drugging Nadgkema to drag her to the Dark Jedi.

Once brought to the palace, the former handmaiden found herself confronted to a few others of the faction, including Leandra whom she happened to almost killed in an unplanned display of her powers, and later on Callista who officially welcomed her amongst the secret faction.


Nadgkema was born to a couple of Onderonian nobles, who hoped for her, and later her younger sister, to gain a better status amidst the court. If Nadgkema wasn't able to get matched due to her "curse", it is probable that her younger sister was now married, by the time the young woman arrived on Ruusan. She didn't hear anything about her family since she left Onderon.

Training and AbilitiesEdit

Apart from training missions, such as the one held by Callista, Nadgkema's formation is taken care of by Brigid Valois and Killian Quane. Shyawyn and Nathanial K'cansce also mentored her.

Force AbilitiesEdit

  • Force Speed
  • Force Leap or Force Jump
  • Force Pull and Force Push
  • Force Throw
  • Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy
  • Force Control Pain
  • Force Levitation
  • Force Sense
  • Force Shield
  • Force Resonate
  • Force Enhancement
  • Farseeing
  • Force Masking
  • Force Dark Aura
  • Force of Dark Shadow
  • Force Choke Hold
  • Force Electronic Communication
  • Force Absorb/Dissipate Energy
  • Force Illusions
  • Force Lightning
  • Elemental: Wind
  • Elemental: Water

Fighting StyleEdit

Trained as a handmaiden, Nadgkema was taught fencing and self-defense as from a very young age. Even if she is also able to use guns in a very efficient way, it's swords and daggers she has developed a particular taste for over the years. Nadgkema was taught Forms I - Shii-Cho and II - Makashi.

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