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Orphaned at an infintile age, Apex Detrazion was forced to work as a pickpocket and train as an Assasin in Coruscants underworld for the mob, the very people who killed his parents. Marked for death by the mob because of his unique midichlorian level compared to other Non-Force Sensatives, Apex escaped Coruscant and fleed to Munto Cudro where he attempted to seek revenge on the mob by joining the Sith Empire. However, he was shuned away, and as a result hiumbled himself and broke down. Finally guided by the little light he had left within himself, Apex followed his "feelings" to Yavin VIII and became a Jedi of The Order.

Training MethodsEdit

Apex Detrazion is highly atuned and concentrated on The Force at all times. He spends most of his time Meditating, training new Padawans in the ways of The Force, or on a Mission protecting the Galaxy and keeping the Peace. He excels in Force Sense, Meditation, Force Speed and lacks skill in Force Healing. He struggles with Force Shielding and has trained himself (Master trained him also) through The Force to unlock the mysterious of Force Foreseeing, but is exceptional in all the rest due to constant meditation. Givine Apex's background with the mob on Coruscant, he is a skilled combatant with a Lightsaber and the Lightsaber Shoto. He has Mastered Form 1- Shi-Cho and Form IV- Ataru, he is currenly attempting to study and gain knowledge and experience in Form VI- Niman. This Jedi Guardian is vey atuned to others feelings and caters to their needs, but won't hesitate to discipline his students when the situation calls for it. He's understanding and most of the time very very very peacefull and serene.

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Mother murdered. Father lives through The Force.

Training and AbilitiesEdit


My character was trained by N'yssa Farifax. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

Force Speed – action or motion used to accelerate normal movements quicker

Force Leap or Force Jump – Leaping or Jumping abilities that travel higher

Force Pull and Force Push – Pulling or Pushing objects and it is similar to telekinetic Pull or Push use

Force Throw – Throwing objects away and it is similar to telekinetic Throw use

Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy - You can receive an emotion and thought from others and then return thoughts via the Force to the same individual. This is a form of Force communication.

Force Healing – using your concentration and meditative skills aided by the Force to induce positive affects of self-healing. You will not be able to heal another, until you are at Jedi Knight level.

Force Control Pain – used to help with controlling your physical pain

Force Levitation - involves using telekinesis aided by the Force to lift yourself or items into the air

Force Sense - allow Force sensitive users to feel the Force energies around them and you will sense the force in a certain place and whether it is light or dark

Jedi ApprenticeEdit

My character gained the rank of Jedi Apprentice on September 21. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

Force Shield - ability to raise a lesser Force Shield or Force Energy Wall

Force Resonate - allows a person to send a vibrating resonance into an object or area of material

Jedi KnightEdit

My character achieved the rank of Jedi Knight on December 19, 2008. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

Force Masking - block your own Force signature from others nearby you

Force of Peace Aura – allows you to create immediate surrounding of warmth, serenity, and calmness

Force of Light Illumination – allows you to create Light within dark areas

Farseeing – allows a force user to "see" into the future, past, and present

Force Enhancement - to help you focus during long or short periods while you are tapping into a vast amount of light side power - you can use one Force Power Level above your own when it is used - however, you will succumb to exhaustion the moment your Force Power usage affects your opponent or target

Jedi GuardianEdit

My character was bestowed the rank of Jedi Guardian on June 1, 2009. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

Force Lightning Repel or Force Lighting Protection - the same section as Absorb Energy, but you can only use the Light Side of the Force to counterattack the usage.

Force Hibernation Trance - allows a person to place their bodies into a deep trance to slow all body functions towards a lower rate and can be held for a long period

Jedi MasterEdit

My character earned the rank of Jedi Master on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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Begginer Level Lightsaber Class: Shi-Cho

Advanced Level Ligthsaber Training Class: Ataru

Begginer Level Lightsaber Class: Niman

Apex's StoryEdit

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