Zalith Drurteg

Full Name
Zalith Drurteg
Eye Color
Hair Color
Bluish Gray
Home Planet
Other Family
Mother - Sarthe (deceased)
Father - Karss (deceased)
Sister - Kaylar (missing, 14 years younger)
Paternal Uncle - Yarthet

Zalith Drurteg

In CharacterEdit



Zalith Drurteg was born to Karss and Sarthe on Iridonia. She spent much of her childhood training in the Zabrak fighting style and listening to stories of the Sith. It was always her hope to be one someday. Her mother was unusually kind and gentle for a Zabrak, and she loved her. Her father was rarely home, but he was hardworking, and she respected him. When Zalith was 14, she got a baby sister named Kaylar. Her life was a happy one until she was 16. Her father tied Sarthe up and was planning on killing Zalith in front of her. He explained that he was originally a Retega and had changed his name and married Sarthe to exact revenge for a long standing grudge between the two families.

When he tried to kill Zalith, her mother broke free of her bindings and jump in front of her, taking the blow and dying. Karss shrugged it off and attempted to attack Zalith again. He flipped over a table trying to get to her. Zalith snapped, and, using Force powers she didn't know she had, lifted the glass shards in the air and killed her father. She then discovered that Kaylar had gone missing. She later learned that Karss had a brother named Yarthet, who had been part of the plot. He had stolen Kaylar away while Karss was dealing with Zalith and her mother. Zalith swore that one day she would hunt him down and kill him. She assumed that he had already killed Kaylar.

She spent the next two years training, studying, and traveling to Munto Codru. There she joined the Sith and became a Disciple to Hydrocus.

A Fight and What Followed

During a slow point in her training, Zalith decided to make use of the extra time by seeking out information on her missing uncle Yarthet. She travelled to Nar Shaddaa, equipped with a borrowed lightsaber. While "interviewing" a man who was supposed to have some information, she attracted the attention of a nearby Jedi Aly Cynric, (Cynric, Aly). She killed the man who had failed to deliver the information she required and a battle broke out between her and the Jedi. She had almost no formal training and an abundance of over confidence. It wasn't long before she took a hefty wound in the form of a lightsaber to her shoulder. Deciding that pulling out of the fight would be the wiser course, she sent a nearby speeder on a crash course for the Jedi and made her escape while he was occupied rescuing the victims.

Not wanting to return to her master and main hub of the Sith weak and injured, she made her way to Iridonia. There she spent the next 18 months or so healing and retraining her arm as well as focusing on other personal rigorous training as well. Satisfied with her improvement, she returned to Munto Codru to face her master's wrath and hopefully continue her training. Hydrocus was indeed furious, but after a while, decided to take her back and recommense her training.


Zalith's father killed her mother, and then Zalith killed him. Her uncle stole her sister away and both are currently missing.

Training and AbilitiesEdit

Sith DiscipleEdit

My character was trained by Hydrocus. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:
Force Levitation, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Control Pain, Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy, Force Sense, Force Speed, Force Leap, Force Throw

Sith WarriorEdit

My character gained the rank of Sith Warrior on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

Sith KnightEdit

My character achieved the rank of Sith Knight on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

Sith LordEdit

My character was bestowed the rank of Sith Lord on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

Sith MasterEdit

My character earned the rank of Sith Master on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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Out of CharacterEdit

About the RoleplayerEdit

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Other Characters PlayedEdit

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