Full Name
Maryana Cloudwhisper
Mary, Maryan
5ft 4 (Human) 15cm/half a foot and 1ft body 1ft tail (cat)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Tatooine/Ship overwards
Other Family
Ivy Jin (Daughter) Yoshii Yuki (Father) Aoi Yuki (Aunt) Elaniver (Uncle)


In CharacterEdit

Maryana is a very mixed character, the story originally began when she was childish, Foolish and stupid. over the years she had learned from her mistakes. Now she had just found out about her real father. And he wishes her to do the right of passage. She is nervous and is also falling deeply in love with Zakk Bannon. Who is a fellow jedi at the temple. Secretly. The father of her child Kiue Jin. Still loves her even though she is with a Former Sith - morgan. Her emotions are all over the place. Some times she wishes the whole world would sort its self.



Maryana was born on the hot, Isolated planet of tatooine, Brought up to fight and defend herself a little until she was six. In those delicate years, She showed tallent in machinery and wepons. Designing and play with them. not actually using them as her father told her not to. When she was young her parents were saved by a bounty hunter names 'Yoshii Yuki' She knew him as a just a friend and felt safe around him. When something happened in the Village one night which is unknown to her, She was told her parents were murdered. And she was left orphaned. She she had effects on the attack that night. And was placed into a Choma for 6 years. Yoshii stayed by her side through it all.

When she turned 12 Maryana was already at the temple. After learning t fly, Trade and fight a little she was still extremely childish. And didn't know right from wrong. This lead her to ruining her life. On her first day at the temple she met many fellow jedi. And a Padawan named 'Kiue Jin' Whom she fell in love with. It was foollish love. They were together for a while. Training at different teachniques and him getting accepted as a Apprentice under the watch of N'yssa Farifax. Unfortunately Maryana did not get that far.

Maryana and Kiue went away, A few times they were in a 'teen romance' some would say. Which they were. She did not know what she was getting into. But she knew she wasn't going to pull back. A long way into Mary and Kiue's relationship, Mary discovered she was pregnant. She was only still extremely young. But yet where the two came from. Dusk and Tatooine it was normal for them, She decided to keep it. But didn't realize the consequences as her mind was still as a six year olds. On the night Maryana told Kiue, He proposed to her. This was completely unexpected. And she agreed. She loved him more than anybody. During her pregnancy they promised each other that they would carry on their training. Which they did after their child was born.

A few months after Maryana became pregnant. Another Jedi fell in love with her and kissed her. This lead to a comfortation between Kristyn theorin (The Lover) and Kiue. Maryana made Kiue promise he wouldn't hurt him. But on the way back to the ship them met a rather grool figure. Named Corman Vrak. An evil and sick sith.Whom some say no longer romes the galaxy. He tormented and made a deal with Kiue. One which Maryana did not know of. Mary's brother Leoron. Did not like the two being together and felt that it was not right. Find out secret information about the deals. He tried to stop everything and was murdered on MAryana's wedding day. Soon later when maryana gave birth to her child 'Ivy' She foud out he was lying and it hit her hard. She broke up with her Fiancee. a She could not train due to being a new mother, Raising her child. Whom grew alot faster then most children due to Kiue not being full human. She grew and grew. When she was still a little baby. Maryana met Yoshi Yuki again. Who had a sexual connection to her in someway. She knew him more then a friend though. There was a war going on between Kiue and Yoshii for reasons some would not say. Maryana was saved early into her training again. By a jedi Names Zakk Bannon, Who later on after that was given the rank of Knight. They got to know each other a little more. Now Maryana was more mature she didn't rush into anything even though the love for Zakk wasn't Childish. It was more deep.

She didn't want to let go of him for the slightest moment. But yet one day she was in the forrests on Naboo, Learning that Yoshii Yuki was actually her father and that she killed her lovers parents. And it sent her emotions wild. Also learning she would have to defeat and elder for her right of passage. Which she does not want to do. As a yuki or even as a Cloudwhisper. She felt terrible. But she was told being a Yuki fighing was in her blood.

One night/Mid moring. She was relieved from it all when Zakk came to her room and told her to come with him. To the Correlian beaches which he hasn't old her yet.


as Ivy Jin (Daughter) Very young child, Bouncy but can get very emotional. Yoshii Yuki (Father) Unknown.

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