Adrona Na Debonv

Full Name
Adrona Na Debonv
125 cm
26 kilos
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Cloud City
Other Family
Jedi Order

Adrona Na DebonvEdit

In CharacterEdit



Adrona was born within Cloud City. Despite her parents apparent wealth, she was not wanted and found herself abandoned as a mere toddler to wander the lower corridors. A young man, Rel Tenonk, found and took pity on young Adrona sharing his food and lodging with her. The pity that he had first had upon finding her tarnished as he used her natural agility and innocent appearance to pick-pocket his customers. She worked hard from a young age to keep Rel happy and in turn her belly filled.

Early on she began to develop amounts of foresight, seeing brief glimpses of what was to come. This gift was also twisted by Rel for his gambling, as it also turned out that Adrona was rather lucky. As the unusual talents Adrona exhibited continued, Rel finally grew slightly frightened and after speaking with a group of friend, uncovered his little luck-charm could very well be a Force-Sensitive. Prompted into a possible reward, the man contacted the Jedi and she began her training.


Adrona at age 3


Rather quiet and reserved, Adrona used to view most people with a long beaten in vein of distrust. However her time with the Jedi has allowed her become more friendly, even to those she doesn't know. She is cheerful and prone to be mischievous, although she still prefers to listen than speak. As she used as a thief before joining the Jedi, she goes out of her way to always be honest. She greatly enjoys simple things and works hard to do what is correct. Others always come first in her mind and she has a humble and gentle spirit.

She dislikes harming life in any way, from animals to people. This stems from several gruesome murders she witnessed within Port Town. With encouragement she would defend others, but would allow harm to come to herself before she hurt someone else.


A clear bouncy ball

Her flute (given to her by her friend, Lilace)

A rock (she uses it to practice her Force Skills)


She knows nothing about her family, except that they had not wanted her and that they had been wealthy. It is not known if she had or has siblings.

[Her last name is not actually her birth one... a trader friend of Rel gave it to her.]

She now considers the Jedi Order to be her family.

Atril Paldua is viewed as her sister.

Training and AbilitiesEdit


Adrona's arrival on Yavin VIII


My character is in the process of being trained by Master N'yssa Farifax. My character has learned the following Force Skills as of now Link :

  • Force Push
  • Force Pull
  • Force Levitation
  • Force Throw
  • Force Jump
  • Force Speed
  • Mind Speak
  • Force Sense
  • Force Control Pain
  • Force Heal

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Out of CharacterEdit

About the RoleplayerEdit

This humble writer lives within the beautiful country of Thailand. She is graduated and currently devotes most of her time to writing as she in the process of preparing to publish a series of books. Her affections are divided between her shih tzu puppy and her two tabby cats. With ten different rpg sites that she frequents and at times poor internet connection, her posting may at times be slow coming but she does her best.

Other Characters PlayedEdit

Tywyn Malador

Spton Ciln

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