Tygaris Nam

Full Name
Tygaris Nam Sato
6 foot 4 inches
190 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
New Republic
Other Family
Mother: Ria Sato (Deceased)
Father: Karock Sato(Deceased)

In CharacterEdit



Tygaris Nam Sato was born on the planet of Aargau in the Deep Core of the Zug system, between Coruscant and Vulpter. He was born into a family of bankers, raised since his youngest memories to handle money. As a child he was the victim of abusive parents, with a fierce desire to make Tygaris better himself. His studies focused on the specific markets of planets, macroeconomic analysis, microeconomic analysis and financial analysis; involving analytical methods of statistics and philosophical theories. While the concepts would have been something that a usual child would find overwhelming, Tyga was a bright child, he had to be.

His studies were not all just book work. One of The Three Statutes of Aargau stated "it is unlawful for citizens to be unarmed". Due to his parents busy schedules, they hired mentors for their son to train with. He spent much of his time as a teenager training with Mandalorian and Nagai-knife warriors.

When he turned seventeen years old, it baffled him after learning about his parents secret activities. His mother and father were among the rising starts in the crime world as black market dealers, they though not originally in the business of black marketing were money launderers. It was a family secret that Tygaris kept to himself as they were violating the first of the three statues and could be charged with the the capital offense of 'unlawful removal of precious metals.'

When both of his parents died after their ship was shot down on its way to Coruscant, an investigation proved they were guilty, the authorities closed the case, and their meories were cast it to the shadows.

Their death's shook Tygaris, but is wasn't that much of a shocking to him. They were breaking the Law after all. It was more out of need for a fresh start that Tygaris disowned his surname, referring to himself as 'Tygaris Nam'.

Considering his full grasp on the banking system, he eventually found a job at the Bank of Aargau, working as a Collections agent of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. It was a harsh job that often sent him to dangerous places to deal with people who had overdue payments. In short, he was a glorified mercenary. From there he was promoted to a lone officer, trading field work for a desk job.

It wasn't until he had become a "Representative" for IGBC that he had becoming notoriously known wealthy agent of the bank. The deep core had been full of both Republic and Galactic empire supporters since he his oldest memories, and after being told he could be a great politician if he wanted to be on many occasions, Tygaris decided to do some good in the galaxy by venturing to Telos IV to join the New Republic after quiting his former job planet.

Fighting Ability

Tygrais is by definition a gunslinger. He has elite skill with light weaponry focused towards quick draws with both fast and pinpoint accurate. His preferences are geared towards the blaster pistols, archaic guns such as slugthrowers, and even dagger fighting and knife throwing. Tygaris will often carry twin BlasTech's DC-15s pistol's in underarm holsters when out of office or on missions. By extension of his knife fighting, he was trained in basic hand to hand combat and has a grasp of Teräs Käsi.

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Tygaris was interviewed by Daine Saria and Accepted into the New Republic by Christopher Ivey on 06-20-2009


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