Atril Paldua

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Full Name
Atril Paldua - Atrilpal'dua
Eye Color
Hair Color
N/A - Lekku
Home Planet
Other Family
Mother - Drathe'sere (deceased)
Father - Grestar'eyeth (deceased)

Atril Paldua

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Atril Paldua, originally Atrilpal'dua, was born on Ryloth to Grestar'eyeth and Drathe'sere. She lived quite happily with her family until she was five. When she was five, she was with her family and other members of her clan on a return trip from the Bright Lands, when a heat storm formed and swept towards them. Atril and the rest ran towards the caverns to escape, but a child from another family tripped and fell. Atril's parents turned back to rescued the child, but it was too late. All three died, while Atril watched, horrified. The rest of the group carried Atril down to the caverns and escaped.

Atril was taken in by the family of the child that died and lived with them and their twin son and daughter, Ferthine'sol and Erthana'fay, who were two years older than her, till she was 10. At that point, the father stole Atril away and took her to a slave trader, to whom she was sold. The slave traders took her to Nar Shaddaa, where she was purchased by Gartaga the Hutt. She was a slave to him until she was 18, when she attempted to escape. She was almost recaptured, when the Jedi Knight Verrj (Cer'Allos, Verrj) appeared and rescued her. He noticed she was Force-sensitive, so he offered to take her to the Jedi, since she had no where else to go. She joined the Jedi and became a Padawan to Jedi Guardian N'yssa (Farifax, N'yssa).


Atril was making decent progress in her Padawan training, when she received a strange message. It was from a former fellow slave, and she begged Atril to come help her escape. Acting implusively, without considering the possible consequences or the fact the she had neither formal lightsaber training nor a lightsaber of her own, Atril rushed off to Nar Shaddaa without a word. She planned to simply get in, assist her friend and be back within a week, so she told no one that she was leaving. What she didn't realize was that Gartaga the Hutt had intercepted the message. He had the slave girl who sent it executed, then sent the message on the Atril, hoping to lure her out. When Atril arrived at the designated location, she was ambushed by several bounty hunters specially trained in hunting Jedi. They captured her, and Gartaga had her imprisoned. There she spent the next year or so, until fortune smiled on her. One of Gartaga's cronies believed he was better suited to be in charge, so he plotted against Gartaga. When the in-fighting broke out, it caused enough of a commotion for Atril to escape. She fled and set about finding transportation to Yavin VIII, which was no easy task with no creds to her name. Finally, she procured transport and returned to the Jedi Temple where her master welcomed her with open arms. Because of her absence, though, her boyfriend Apex had moved on with life. Their relationship, though friendly, was now confusing and undefined, though Atril still loved him dearly.


None living. She was formerly the girlfriend of Jedi Padawan Apex Detrazion (Detrazion Apex).

Training and AbilitiesEdit


My character was trained by N'yssa (Farifax, N'yssa). My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:
Force Push, Force Pull, Force Levitation, Force Throw, Force Speed, Force Jump, Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy, Force Sense, Force Control Pain, Force Healing

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My character gained the rank of Jedi Apprentice on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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My character achieved the rank of Jedi Knight on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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My character was bestowed the rank of Jedi Guardian on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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My character earned the rank of Jedi Master on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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I am 22 and live in Guam. I am married in real life to the person that plays Agon, Draxus, and Verrj. I am an aspiring writer and my webpage/blog is Extraordinarily Unextraordinary. I also have an adorable puppy named Chewbaka (yes the spelling is intentional) I'm a Christian and if that mattered on here.  :) Yeah...that's about it.

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