Thaddeus Rains
Ben affleck

Full Name
Thaddeus Rains
Eye Color
Light Brown
Hair Color
Home Planet
Abo Dreth
New Republic
Other Family
Mother:Elle Rains Father:Tyran Rains sibling: None

In CharacterEdit


Thaddeus was born and raised on Abo Dreth in Corporate Sector's Abo Dreth system. His parents and most of his family supported the Rebel Allience. Back before it changed into the new republic for their support however all they got was death at the hands of the Empire Thaddeus was only fifteen at the time. Of their deaths lucky for him he was out of the house at the time visiting his friend Tarkel when the news spred that his parents had been killed. His friends parents managed to get him off the planet before the Empire troopers could track him down ever since then he has spend his life on the run and in hidding from the Empire

Shortly after escaping from Abo Dreth Thaddeus made. His way to Tatooine thinking that the Empire wouldn't look for him at the butt end of the universe. He lived on the streets of Anchorhead for sometime living off scraps of food and stealing what water he could one day he stole water from the wrong person. A bounty hunter by the name of Randel Zarren but instead of taking Thaddeus who was only sixteen at the time to the authorities he decided. To take him under his wing and look after the kid and teach him to be a bounty hunter

And so it was for the next ten years of Thaddeus's life. He spend learning to be a bounty hunter and helping Randel capture thoses that had a bounty on their heads. He became pretty good at it as well homing his tracking skills and senses as best he could but that wasn't good enough on the day that Randel got killed by a bounty they was huntering. He never talks about the incident much all Thaddeus will ever say on the matter is that "When prey is backed into a cornor stand down". After Randel's death Thaddeus when it a lone taking the knowledge and skilles he learn with him

For the past four years Thaddeus has been bouncing around the galaxy. Bring in one bounty after the next for Hutts and other criminal organizations there have been some close calls and shaves for him. Over the years but hes managed to stay a alive and live through thoses times learning from his mistakes and experences. Just recently while on the triel of a target he found himself back on Abo Dreth the place where his adventures begun while on Dreth he ran into Tarkel an old friend from his childhood. While over a few drinks in the local bar Tarkel told him that a few days before his parents was killed they gave his parents a data pad and asked them to give it to Thaddeus. Incase anything happened to them but in the heist to get Thaddeus off the planet they forgot all about it and asked Tarkel to give it to him. If he ever saw him again someday after telling Thaddeus the story Tarkel handed over the data pad and told him to watch it in private

Thaddeus took the pad back to his ship and watched the infomantion. That was stored on it hes never told anyone what was on the data pad but whatever it was changed something. Inside Thaddeus that day and now he seeks to join the now Rebel Allience The New Repbulic


Thaddeus has a good working knowledge of weaponery. And a good working knowledge of engines and computers he also has the talnet of coming up with Aliases and diffrent identities for himself


Father: Tyran Rains (Decesed) Mother: Elle Rains (Decesed)

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