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Nelrath Tekku

Nelrath Tekku


Full Name
Nelrath Tekku
Jedi Padawan
"Wrath" or "Once"
180 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Other Family
Nicola Tekku (Mother)
Jusik Tekku (Father)

Nelrath Tekku

In CharacterEdit



"My blindness may deprive me of physical sight, I may never be able to see the bright light and the lovely colors of the outside world...but it is a small price to pay in order to know what it is like to be a Sith. To be a Sith is to see no Light, have no hope, see no where to run and instead to run inside the Darkness until you find someone to care for you. I live that daily, so I can empathize with them. I live that daily so that I will never have to kill a Sith, I will first and foremost love them, forgive them, and then I will introduce them to the Force's healing Light. In short, I am blind so that others might be brought to see." --Nelrath's personal philosophy book in the chapter noted "On My Blindness".

Nelrath is a very somber individual most of the time. He is serious but kind often offering what little he has to others. He loves to talk and sit outside especially before it rains or during the rain. He is often blunt and to the point if there is one. Otherwise he loves to regale people with stories that he writes in his head or that he has read about in the Archives, often using his abilities in the Force to add to the dramatic atmosphere. He is can't compose poetry to save his life but he can recite old ballads with the ease and dramatics of a bard of old. He loves knowledge in all its forms, especially Holocrons. They seem to open his eyes literally, he feels like he can see when he holds them. He also loves meditation, especially group meditation. Think of him as a facilitator, he loves to help out and to resolve conflict. He can be too forgiving and too eager to extend a second chance to others. Especially to Sith and Dark Jedi, he feels like he can change them and often tries to the point of absurdity. He is only this way because he spent his entire life seeped in the Dark Side and even now in Darkness so that he does not fear being turned, he only wishes to lessen the suffering of others.

The Beast InsideEdit

"You deny others a second chance, you take their choices away from them and you too will be denied." ---Nelrath

Nelrath's constant exposition to the Dark Side energies that pervaded his home did not leave him unscathed. In fact quite the opposite, when Nelrath was confronted by the Dark Side he rejected it but over time it grew on him. Or rather, in him. The small child that was Nelrath had no Force defenses against the corrupting power of the Dark Side and even though consciously he rejected it, because of his immense connection to the Force the Dark Side was able to corrupt him. It didn't turn him, it wasn't rage, it wasn't pain, it wasn't hurt or hate it was rather his Love that it corrupted. His love and his will to protect all those who would try to take away other's freedom. It corrupted it so badly that Nelrath thinks of himself as a vigilante at heart, a Force warrior who's sole task in life is to protect those who are oppressed and those who have their choices take away. He kills those who try to take other people's lives away just because they think differently or because life has treated them harshly causing them to turn to the Dark Side. He upholds this law even to the absurd degree, drawing his saber against a Jedi if they try to kill a Sith or Dark Jedi because he identifies with them.

"So you would kill her just for the Darkness in her heart? You would kill her because the galaxy is a cruel place and she chose to embrace that rather than continue to be helpless? For every Sith or Fallen Jedi you kill, you kill me. I am more like them, than I am like you Jedi..." ---Nelrath's book of Philosophy in the Chapter titled "On Mercy"

He identifies with the lost souls, the fallen ones, those who have hate, anger and sadness in their hearts because he does too. He wishes for them salvation and for those who would judge them he wishes death. He can't conceive of a situation in which it is okay to kill someone just because of their ideals and their experiences in life. This naturally would put him in conflict with most Jedi so he keeps this hidden from them and knows that something isn't quite right with him. It isn't his convictions that are wrong, its that fact that he enjoys hearing the Jedi or oppressor scream in pain as he kills him. Its the hunger he feels for the "justice" that he brings to the world. He needs it to survive and has a psychological addiction to it. When he can't satisfy the hunger he becomes darker, his Force Aura becoming a dark black and he often won't eat or speak to others. Then he will disappear for about a week, no one knows what he does, and then he will reappear without warning totally fine.

"You have confessed to your crimes, you have been given your second chance, may the Force forgive you." --Nelrath before he kills his victims

"The Ritual" The way he kills the oppressors is in a kind of ritual for him that soothes his hunger. Once he defeats them, he grasps them in the Force and lifts them up into the air. He lets his blindfold drop to the ground and looks them in the eyes forcing them to confess to their crimes by breaking their bones individually with the Force. Finally when they have confessed he snaps their neck.



"You are special Nelrath, never forget that." --Nicola Tekku

Nelrath blind

Blinded Young Nelrath

Nelrath's childhood was a complex era of his life. He was mostly a self-raised kid as his parents had to serve their masters constantly and had no time for Nelrath. Nelrath would pass the time either by sketching with his crayons or by reading some of the books that were in his parents small library. He taught himself to read and write by using scraps of memos and flimsiplast that he found all around the mansion. After he learned to read in Basic he began to teach himself other languages that he could find around the mansion, he eventually learned Basic, Dug language, Rodian, Huttese and even the basics of Mandalorian. He especially loved the Mandalorian language as well as its culture, having none of his own, and he valued their sense of family, especially because he had no such loyalties. He held them in the same esteem as Jedi and swore that one day he would earn his own Beskar'gam. He used these different languages to converse and start friendships with the other hired help of the mansion, being they were mostly aliens. His most profitable was that of the friendship he formed with a mando merc named Telin Korr who taught him how to speak in Mando'a as well as took him as his own son. This didn't last long because he was murdered for failing a mission for the Dark side adept. When he did see his parents they were either angry or frustrated by their lot in life and he quickly began to be able to sense their coming by their aura of hate that they carried with them. This drove the young Force sensitive nearly mad because of all the Dark Side energy that surrounded his living conditions. As a result the Dark Side nearly corrupted his very persona because of his constant close proximity to it. This was shown in how he conducted himself, he became rather troublesome and quarrelsome. From his age ten to about fifteen he began to become more and more dark until he himself had a dark aura. He snuck in and out of the library to learn the ancient Sith language. He began to manifest the Force around this time as well, his unconscious strength of will making forks levitate to his hand or knock over glasses when he was angry. It was nothing spectacular but it was something. This natural manifestation in the Force attracted the attention of one of the Noble's bodyguards, a dark side Force adept named Util Nyurrh. He began to stalk the young Nelrath impressed by his power and his potential. In order to test Nelrath, Util was given permission to murder Nicola Tekku in front of Nelrath to unleash his true potential and then to train him as another loyal bodyguard for the family. This was done and it had surprising results. Nelrath, then fifteen, sprung at Util in a rage attacking him with a vibroblade. The dark force adept was ready for this and easily turned Nelrath's clumsy attack away. A fight ensued in which Nelrath was throughly beaten but his spirit refused to serve the Dark Side. As punishment for this the dark force adept used the Force to move Nelrath's hands with the vibroblade to his eyes and he forced Nelrath to blind himself. He was cast out of the mansion for being a useless servant now that he was blind and he was forced to survive by his wits and the will of the Force alone, blind and lost in the undercity of Coruscant.


"There is nothing but Darkness here...but I will learn to see in the Darkness...I will fight it from within."

Nelrath the bounty hunter

Nelrath the Enforcer

Nelrath, because of his blindness, grew in sensitivity to the Force for the five years he spent in the Undercity. He did various odd jobs for local crime lords such as spice running and enforcing using his particular "luck" to get out of normally impossible situations. It was this time in which Nelrath discovered how dark the real world was, he found that at times he could see people through the Force and he could see them through their Dark Side tendencies or vices. He learned to exploit them and to even enjoy their downfalls, bringing himself very close to the Dark Side. In the end he could not give in to his hatred, he could not use or abuse those who were down on their luck and often gave his money to those in need. He was a very conflicted man at his core and still is. Once he was twenty he realized the Force was calling him to the Jedi and he spent all of his credits on an unconfirmed report of a Jedi enclave on Yavin 8. While there he met with Tionne and quickly made a friend at the Academy. He also became apprenticed to Verse Dawnstrider that day.


"If you wish lessons to be taught then you will receive the only lesson to be taught one such of your learn your place" --Unknown Sith Lord

Nelrath's family was nothing special. His family had always been in the working class of Coruscant. The branches of the Tekku family had been slowly dying off due to the natural things that plagued the undercity of Coruscant, that is crime, violence, drugs and suicide. The remaining survivors, aka Nelrath, his mother and his father, were taken into servitude by a noble family, the Haru. The Haru had been avid Imperial citizens when it had benefited them, but abandoned their Imperial masters in a flash when the New Republic took Coruscant. The Haru had been a regal line of Force-Sensitives for sometime, so much time that they had many writings on the Force in their original manuscript form as well as a Sith holocron of an unknown supposed Sith Lord. They valued these relics more than anything and kept all but the Force Sensitives out of their Library because of the artifacts.

Training and AbilitiesEdit


My character was trained by Verse Dawnstrider. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

Force Speed – action or motion used to accelerate normal movements quicker. He is somewhat adept at this Force power allowing himself a regular hit or miss attempt at it, and when he does succeed it is relatively average in ability.

Force Leap or Force Jump – Leaping or Jumping abilities that travel higher. He is more proficient in this than in Force Speed mostly because it has more to do with telekinesis than anything in the way that he employs it. Telekinesis is his specialty.

Force Pull and Force Push – Pulling or Pushing objects. He is very good at this because it has been in his natural abilities since he can remember.

Force Throw – Throwing objects away. Once again very good at telekinesis.

Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy - You can receive an emotion and thought from others and then return thoughts via the Force to the same individual. This is a form of Force communication. He is okay at receiving emotions and using them to locate others in a semi-facsimile of sight but otherwise it is very poor and very amateurish.

Force Healing – using your concentration and meditative skills aided by the Force to induce positive affects of self-healing. He is decent at this but is going to train at this with his master Verse.

Force Control Pain – used to help with controlling your physical pain. He is adept with this as he is naturally strong willed.

Force Levitation - involves using telekinesis aided by the Force to lift yourself or items into the air. He is excellent at levitation and shows a connection to the Force in this aspect that few others have ever shown this early in training.

Force Sense - allow Force sensitive users to feel the Force energies around them and you will sense the force in a certain place and whether it is light or dark. He is learning to use this as time goes by, currently he is average at it and is trying to use it as a means of sight.

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