Full Name
Belis Cody Toobin
Jedi Apprentice
'The Blind Warrior'
Eye Color
Cloudy White
Hair Color
Home Planet
Other Family
Have no part in his life


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Belis Toobin was born several years after the fall of the Galactic Empire to the hands of the Rebal Alliance on the Planet of Kashyyyk. His parents; two second generation untrained Jedi had been in hiding for most of the war having been raised by their own respective families who had managed to escape The Great Jedi Purge. At the age of two his world was violently pulled away from him when a group of Mandalorian Bounty Hunters arrived on Kashyyyk and killed both his mother and father. As he was only an infant the Mandalorians did the traditional ritual of taking him in and he became the son of a Cody'eck Airt Toobin.

He was trained in the arts of becoming a Mandalorian warrior and when Cody took the position of Clan leader Belis was destined to follow in his footsteps and become A warlord of Mandalore. However two weeks from his trials Belis showed a slight Force sensitivity after moving his blaster too his hand during a training ritual with his father. Cody'eck A veteran Jedi hunter and hater of anything force related turned on his son and tried to kill him, blinding him in an attack the should have claimed his life.

Left alone and abandoned on the planet of Naboo Belis was taken in by an old Hermit who lived in the wild swamps. This man cared for the blinded boy until he was able to care for himself again. During this time the Force Sensitivity became evident when it seemingly naturally became Belis' greatest aid allowing him to see by Aura's and emotions. The Old Hermit saw in Belis what he had seen in many before the Dark Years and proceeded to tell the boy the stories of the Old Code and the Golden Years of the Jedi.

This sudden bliss wasn't to last when Cody'eck learnt that his son had survived he launched a group of crack Mandalorian stealth teams to annihalate the Boy. During his time away Cody had managed to secure the title of Mandalore and now held unlimited power to hunt down his son. The Old Man was killed mysteriously but yet again fate and destiny paved a way for Belis to survive, his blind retreat leading him to Yavin VIII and the Jedi Temple.


To Belis he has no family. His Mandalorian heritage remains strong within him as it is a hard trait to let go of easily. However when asked about his parents he will usually answer with 'Dead.' or 'Gone.'

They will never have any part in his life again, and he refuses to travel to Mandalore in fear of losing his control on his mind in an attempt to gain vengence over the man that destroyed his life.

Master and ApprenticeEdit

Belis was the first student taken by Jedi Knight Verrj Cer'Allos days after his Knighting. The two shared an already close bond; Verrj having saved Belis' life shortly before his acceptance into the Jedi Order. Since Belis Verrj has taken on other students yet still likes to remind the Mandalorian that compared to him they will all be easy.

Life in the OrderEdit

Belis is one of those few 'OLD CODE' Jedi. He believes in the absolute belief that to be the best he has to follow the strict rules of the origional code set of the Jedi. This has led him to be more 'unorthodox' than many of the 'new age' Jedi. Friends are rare for the Mandalorian and although he gets along with many of the Jedi he isn't much of a social bug. His days are spent training, with his saber, his force abilities or his general knowledge. If he's not training he's sleeping.

Friendship with Verrj Cer'AllosEdit

~"...Indeed you are powerful,I will have to search long and hard to find an apprentice with even half your power, Belis. Drennan is young and definitely more talented than most, but it will take serious training for him to become as strong in the Force as you."~ Verrj at the completion of Belis' Lightsaber.

Belis' closest friend in the Jedi Order is his own Master. As The Mandalorian finds it hard to connect with people on a friendship and emotional level having his tutor as his best friend has worked for Belis. The pair first met a few days before Belis joined the Jedi Order when the fate of a group of Jedi became intwined with the young Mandalorian at a sick experiment that involved a crime syndicate betting on competitor's within a maze of monsters and challenges. It was here that Belis lost his arm when Verrj's friend turned Sith Darth Helwan attacked the Mandalorian who showed his first trait of getting into a situation that needed more thought then he would give it.

The pair have exceeded all expectations with their training partnership becoming the two most combat effecient Jedi in the Order. A talent that will one day be of great use and necessity to the Jedi Order.

The Council have their fustration with the pair whoes belief in the greater flow of the force has led them to clashes with the 'typical' Jedi ideals. Verrj encourages Belis' emotions as he along with many others who have met him have realised the inner power of the Jedi, the trick is finding out how to unlock it.

Friendship with Te AkeraEdit

~"Don't...not now. Stay with me Te, everything will be okay. I promise they'll pay for this Te, I promise."~ Belis at Te's death to the hands of Nuzaru, Agon and Darth Helwan.

Belis' first real friendship within the Order apart from Verrj was a Twenty year old Twi'lek by the name of Te. The innocent, playful and often flirty ways of this Jedi Padawan would usually collide with Belis' strict military upbringing creating awkward moments between the two. Te became one of Belis' closest companions and where one was the other was not far behind, she was like a big sister to him and she used to treat him as a little brother.

Fate however was never to be easy to Belis and the closest thing he had to family since a child was torn away from him violently on the CLoud City of Bespin. Investigating rumours of Sith activity Belis and Te thought it safe for two relitivly untrained padawans to go alone into the depths of the City. Here Belis and Te were faced by three Sith; Nazaru, Agon and the Jedi turned Sith Darth Helwan.

Distracted by Agon and Helwan Belis was unable to do anything but watch as Nazaru killed Te in cold blood. It was enough to tip Belis slightly over the edge, and give him the strength to fight back against the three Sith and survive to fight another day. However in Belis'mind it was his fault that Te died and it is still a thought that haunts him to this very day.

Relationship with Tionne ThanewulfEdit

(thanks to Tionne for writing this) Although Belis pursues the path of the Old Code, which prohibits any kind of attachments, he has developed deep feelings for his fellow Jedi Tionne Thanewulf. Unlike many others that courted the red-haired apprentice for her appealing looks, Belis’ feelings surpass this superficiality due to his lack of vision, as he sees her only through the Force. At the time of their first encounter, the Mandalorian knew nothing of her appearance but scarce rumors, which he disregarded, at first pursuing a friendship with the versatile scientist. A first token of their growing friendship was the artificial arm the redhead manufactured for him, together with the help of engineer Satkia Beltrak, a great aid which transformed his handicap into a deadly input during lightsaber combat. The constant play of cat and mouse, mostly through taunting arguments the two shared culminated during the Flamewind mission, where the two padawans kissed for the first time and Belis’ first insecurity about his path was revealed. Together with powerful emotions for Tionne, his darker side was revealed; the impatient, overconfident Belis who had trouble controlling anger was barely soothed by Tionne’s kind touch. However, during a spar in the dojo, where Tionne revealed her dark past marked by her suffering under the madman Eliphas Nurgle, Belis finally went berserk, successfully containing his anger within himself, but instead pushing Tionne away, interpreting her as a threat to his own path within the Light. Deeply hurting her, he sacrificed their future together to follow the Code, attempting to center himself through the Force and train ever so vigorously in his quest to be the best Jedi. Eventually, upon overdue promotion to the rank of Apprentice, the two were back on speaking terms, as Tionne decided to follow Belis on his path of the Old. It was only when Eliphas Nurgle was killed by Tionne’s own hand that all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, revealing a twisted game fate played on both of them. The young apprentice now struggles to remain on his path once again, seeking council from the wisest members of the Order, trying to rid himself of the thriving emotions he tried to bury inside.

Single strand of destiny It is ironic, although it is not common knowledge, that Belis Toobin knew Tionne before she joined the Order. On his usual route through the dumps of Coruscant, he encountered Eliphas Nurgle who dragged the body of a stunned girl across the corridor to his apartment. Sensing something was wrong, the young padawan tried to rescue the redhead, but failed as the madman drove him out of the building using a gas bomb. By the time Belis got back with reinforcement, Eliphas was long gone together with his prey. If Belis saved Tionne back on that day, she would have never joined the Jedi and the future of both would have been much different. Nevertheless, 40 days of mental and physical torture was a small price to pay for having the honor to only walk next to Belis Toobin, let alone be allowed into his heart, the heart of a Jedi.

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My character was trained by Verrj Cer'Allos. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities: Force Jump, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Sight, Telepathy, Force Throw.

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My character gained the rank of Jedi Apprentice on [[1]]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:Force Levitation, Force Speed, Force Leap, Force Shield, Force Throw, Force Control Pain.

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My character achieved the rank of Jedi Knight on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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My character was bestowed the rank of Jedi Guardian on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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My character earned the rank of Jedi Master on [insert link to promotion thread here]. My character was trained in the following force skills and abilities:

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