"You know that I’ve always been more of a doer than a thinker… tenacious as a cath hound. Once I get an idea in my head, there’s really no stopping me."
―Vega speaking to Dara Shadowtide
Vega Van-Derveld

Full Name
Vega Van-Derveld
Sith Knight
40 GSY
Eye Color
Bright cyan (right); milky blue (left - blind)
Hair Color
Dirty blonde
Home Planet
Figaro Favoura VII
Other Family
See below.




A young Vega as a cage fighter.

Born on the back-rocket moon of Figaro Favoura VII, Vega Van-Derveld was the second son of self-proclaimed merchant trader – and smuggler – Diego Van-Derveld and his wife Virginie Alssas. Although the couples second child, Vega was favoured above his elder brother Mort, who had been born with physical disfigurement and mental illness. Whilst his father spent most of his time away from home on business, Vega was raised by his mother and grandparents, who offered the boy an understanding of the galaxy beyond their family home. Nobility of the sort, they bred a sense of entitlement into the boy which would, in time, lead Vega to look further afield than the walls of the family estate.

As a teen he grew increasingly frustrated with life and the isolation his family lived in. In the evening hours of the day, he would sneak away from home and find his way to black-market bars and clubs. Although he'd been taught the basics of fencing, it was here that Vega got his first taste of real combat as he stepped into the arena of cage-fighting. It was a brutal education but Van-Derveld was a quick learner and in a matter of months could out-match even the most experienced professional. At last, he had found his calling in life, something he could say he was the best at – but it wasn't enough.

The Sith EmpireEdit

The galaxy at large called, and Vega was only too eager to answer. Abandoning his family, and inheritance, to whatever fate awaited them, he travelled to Munto Codru and presented himself before the Council of the Sith Empire, making good use of the courtly airs his grandparents had affected as he petitioned to be trained by Dara Shadowtide, who accepted his pledge of loyalty and would go on to train Vega for many years to come. It was here on Munto Codru that Vega was also reunited with his young brother Ket, who had been born and raised on Tatooine, and although the two had never met before the similarity between the pair was obvious immeadiately.

His desire, above all else, to win gained Van-Derveld a reputation amongst his allies and enemies alike. Under Sumor Rayial's military direction, he was a key asset in the 'liberations' of planets such as Hensara III and Garqi, which fell powerless before the might of the growing Sith fleet. His martial skill, when enhanced by the Dark Side, was formidable and time after time he returned to the Council chambers with the sabers of defeated Jedi for his master. She, in turn, seemed to place him amongst her most favoured apprentices and it was not long before she granted him the title of Sith Knight, allowing Vega the chance to take students of his own. Like his tutor before him, he relished the chance to amass a collection of followers, his growing ego fed the control he had over them - even siring a son, Darius Van-Derveld with one of them - but it was never enough.

The goals that remained just out of Van-Derveld's grasp were those that caused him the greatest turmoil: to ascend to the rank of Sith Master, and to sit upon the Council. On one occasion, when the reigning Master's were absent, he even assumed a temporary seat upon the Council, but only by being acknowledged by his peers as superior would he be happy. It was this unshakable hunger for control that drove Vega away from the Sith Empire for the first time, to Vjun and the cabal of Dark Jedi known as The Black Hand.

Betrayal: The Black Hand and the Royal House of RannonEdit


The arrogant Lord Van-Derveld who left the Sith.

Amongst those who haunted Bast Castle were Dalethria Kasajian and the Sith Witch, Sorsha; Trace Sha, brother of Rama Sha, and the legendary Ogre Mal Pannis; the fallen Jedi Master Nupraptor and the painfully mad Delirion. Each of them had been a master of the Sith or the Jedi and had come together with a single goal: to set order to the chaos of the universe, by any means necessary. Flattered to be invited among such distinguished company, Vega spat in the face of the Empire and his master and swore his allegiance to the Hand. It was here that he received a unique 'gift' from Sorsha Kasajian, who implanted a Dark Side centipede into his skull, allowing him to commune with the spirit Vicet - an ability shared by the then infant Aliandra Mal Pannis. Yet, it was not long before the group's own greatest strength became its greatest weakness, as the powerful men and women of the Hand could not abide to be ruled by one another. The faction was torn in two by conflicting ambitions and Vega, like others, was forced to return to the Sith Empire.

Though wary of his motives, the Council allowed Van-Derveld to rejoin the ranks of the Empire and in time some sense of trust was regained, though there were always those who believed Vega's loyalties never truly returned to Munto Codru. With the support of Dara Shadowtide behind him, however, they could not exile him from the Empire. That duty would fall to Vega himself who, once again unable to accept he was inferior to those ruling the Empire, accepted an offer from Nathanial K'cansce (formerly Darth Snack) to take ownership of the Royal House of Rannon. A court which concealed the existence of a cult of Dark Jedi, the Royal House presented Van-Derveld with an opportunity to take absolute control of the faction's direction and with his wife Razielle he spent some time building up the world's strength.

The partnership was prosperous, for a time, until the consequences of his abuse of the Dark Side began to catch up on Vega. His personality began to fracture and at times he completely blacked out from the real world, a second identity, more violent identity taking over. In this possessed state, Van-Derveld was a threat to everyone and everything and appeared hell-bent on destroying everything that he held dear to himself. Though his wife stood by him at this time, she feared so greatly for their newborn daughter Valeska Van-Derveld that the girl was sent away, hidden from her father's rage.

It was only after beating Razielle within an inch of her life that Vega began to acknowledge that he could not longer stand to stay on Rannon. Believing that the spirit which had possessed him was somehow connected to his lightsaber Seraphim, which he had carried with him since his early days as a Sith, he took the weapon and tried to destroy it.

The Outcast ReturnsEdit

A grey and ageing Van-Derveld returned to Munto Codru, again with the support of Dara Shadowtide, and was given leave to join the Sith Empire once more. With this second betrayal, it seemed as if Vega had burnt nearly all of his bridges and some, like past apprentice Blade Ice could never accept that Vega was anything other than a traitor at heart. Gone were the days when he had moved amongst his allies with an easy smile. A new generation of Sith had risen in the Empire, Disciples who had heard of the treasonous Vega Van-Derveld and viewed him, if not as a threat, then to be avoided lest they were tarred with the same brush.

Old habits, however, die hard and it was not long before Vega hungered for glory again. Acquiring more, new students, Van-Derveld wanted to make sure his mark on the universe with indelible and went after the most challenging opponent the Jedi had to offer: Jedi Master Verse Dawnstrider. The two had clashed in their youth as Force Users and with time had become amongst the most powerful men in their opposing factions. The two met and did battle on Vjun, waging war with all the powers the Force provided them with. In the end, it was Verse who was triumphant as the Sith Master fell from a bridge into one of Vjun's acid rivers. Rescued by his wife, Vega was permanently scarred and - in his vanity and shame - could not face returning to Munto Codru a defeated man. Furious, he forged a mask and suit of armor for himself, and took on the new name of Alastor.

Upon his return to the Sith Empire, many wondered what Vega had undergone - or whether this was just another stage in his ever-deepening madness. To hide his face from the world and assume the arrogant persona of Alastor - or the Tin Can, as the Jedi called him - seemed to fit in line with Van-Derveld's egomaniacal attitude.

Additional InformationEdit

Distinguishing MarksEdit



Listed in the order they were acquired:

The tattoo on Vega's left wrist

  • Inner left wrist - a snake devouring it's own tail
  • Torso - a blue serpent, wrapped around his abdomen and crossing over his left shoulder
  • Inner left forearm - an inverted starbird, used as the crest of the Sith Empire during Vega's time as a Sith Knight
  • Right shoulder - a red, snarling wolf's head

Along with the many battle scars that criss-cross his flesh, Vega bears a number of more unique disfigurements:

  • Across the bridge of his nose, given by Jedi Knight Teka Kenobi (who bore a mirror-image scar)
  • Vertically bisecting his left eye, given by the Sith Mistress Lady Vader


Training and AbilitiesEdit

The majority of Alastor's training as a Sith was conducted by Dara Shadowtide. He has also been trained by: Dalethria Kasajian, Sorsha Kasajian and the Hobgoblin.

  • Sith Master Promotion - [1] (02-07-2008)
  • Sith Lord Promotion - [2] (11-15-2001)
  • Sith Knight Promotion - [3] (04-03-2001)

As a Jedi, Vega was under the tutelage of Satkia Beltrak.

  • Jedi Apprentice Promotion - [4] (03-08-2012)

Returning to the Sith, Baska Tamkreyd took responsibility for evaluating Vega's worth.

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You can call me Jen, Vegs, Wofl... whatever.

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