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Full Name
Lynmeira Verashy
Jedi Guardian
Meira, Lyn
Early Thirties
130 Lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Jet Black
Home Planet
Other Family

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Life of an interpreterEdit

Raised within the Hapan culture, Lynmeira is conscious of what she is worth, but never developed any kind of arrogance, mostly due to her early interest in languages and other societies. Very young, she began learning many other languages and dialects, in the idea of becoming an interpreter. Her talents were mostly valuable for her family's corporation, which gave her the opportunity to travel to many planets and meet new people. Yet, she happened to also serve as an interpreter for certain events at the court.

A new journey beginsEdit

After having studied the history of the Jedi for years, as well as the morals they defended, Lynmeira had felt the need to try to join the Order, hoping for more purpose in her life. She was also drawn to do so, as she was wondering whether her empathic gift could be Force related. Her family granted her departure from her duty as an interpreter, hoping she would be welcomed and hence able to pursue the path she wished for.

Upon arrival at the Temple, she was greeted by Aly Cynric, with whom she felt on the same wavelength from start, both sharing a sense of scholar and debate interest... She was soon officially accepted within the Jedi Order by Eddic Tannen. A short while later, Aly Cynric offered her to be his first student, as he was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.

Life as a JediEdit

Lynmeira adjusted very easily to the life amongst the Jedi Order, even if she was still keen on taking a leave every now end then to go artifact and ancient manuscripts hunting throughout the galaxy. Always curious to learn more and train harder, so that her skills might only improve, as she has a high sense of perfection, Lynmeira was a hard working student that led her to rise through the ranks.


Lynmeira is the youngest of the two children of a wealthy Hapan couple, Harel and Taryana. Both own a powerful merchant corporation, which owed them a great reputation in the Hapan society, as well as relations with the court. Lynmeira has an elder brother, Haresh, who is ten years older than her. Haresh has a daughter, Elatta, who is now eight year old. His companion has disappeared more than five years before.

Training and AbilitiesEdit

Force AbilitiesEdit

  • Force Speed
  • Force Leap or Force Jump
  • Force Pull and Force Push
  • Force Throw
  • Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy
  • Force Healing
  • Force Control Pain
  • Force Levitation
  • Force Sense
  • Force Shield
  • Force Resonate
  • Force Masking
  • Force Enhancement
  • Farseeing
  • Force of Peace Aura
  • Force of Light Illumination
  • Force Lightning Repel or Force Lighting Protection
  • Force Hibernation Trance
  • Force Elemental Wind
  • Force Elemental Water
  • Force Elemental Fire
  • Force Elemental Ice

Fighting StyleEdit

Before joining the Jedi, Lynmeira had spent years in training in various forms of combat, from fencing to shooting. She is also an accomplished user of martial arts, which is what she is mostly keen on, along with the use of blasters.

She has learned the following Lightsaber Combat Forms: Shii-Cho and Niman

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