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Full Name
Coryn Vinoda
Jedi Guardian
230 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet
Other Family
Arye Vinoda
Jal Ti Vinoda

Coryn Vinoda

In CharacterEdit

Coryn Vinoda is a charismatic Jedi who choses to follow the Corellian Jedi tradition as closely as he can in this post Purge universe. He has seen more than his fair share of tragedy in life, but most people who have ever met him would never know it. This is possibly his greatest strength as a person and a Jedi. He doesn't think much of his own skills. Neither his talents in the Force, nor his abilities with a saber. He sees himself as the comic relief.

Vinoda is probably best known for his practical jokes. Always lighthearted with a smile and a kind word ready to bring the light back to someone's day, Coryn has been known to drop water balloons(flimsy skins filled with water) on the heads of unsuspecting victims.

Coryn has acquired the reputation of being a womanizer a bit unjustly. He has never taken advantage of a woman, though if one were to listen to his friend Verrj they would be hard pressed to find one he hasn't. He has been known to throw out cheesy pick up lines from time to time in an effort to keep the smiles flowing.

While some may see his jokes and pranks as childish, they typically serve one purpose easing a tense situation. There are those who would believe that Coryn takes nothing seriously but to those who truly know him, Vinoda is arguably one of the most serious of all the Jedi.



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Jal Ti VinodaEdit

Jal Ti Vinoda was a Corellian Jedi Weapon Master who, like most Corellian Jedi, spent most of his life within the Corellian system. He was a known master of the six saber forms taught by the Jedi and created an instructional holocron with information about the forms on it. His primary form was a hybrid of Soresu (Form III) and Niman (VI). The man trained a great many students in saber fighting. He was said to rule with an iron fist, with no tolerance for horseplay. While training a young woman by the name of Arye, Jal Ti's heart softened. The woman struggled to keep up with her fellow students in regards to saber skill, but refused to become discouraged. Her lighthearted jokes and perseverance earned her a place in Jal Ti's heart. He took her as his personal Padawan and trained her to the level of Knight. One month after her promotion Jal Ti married Arye. The two had a healthy marriage and escaped Order 66 and the Purge together. They lived discreet lives on the Corellian world of Tralus until Arye came to Jal Ti with exciting news. Learning that his wife was with child and knowing that he was on a shortlist of targets for a known group of Jedi Hunters, Jal Ti left Tralus taking the fight to the hunters. He was able to fight off the hunters repeatedly but eventually died on the day his son was born. It is unknown whether Jal Ti knew Coryn had been born or not, but there are rumors that he was gifted in Force Farsight...

Training and AbilitiesEdit


Coryn became the second student of Jedi Knight Jacob Murano. He trained alongside fellow Padawan Verrj Cer'Allos. The two student's became fast friends and spent much time training with one another, becoming a powerful duo. The sense of friendship between the two became so strong that they came to know each other as a 'learner-brother'. This sense of kinship was never more obvious than when the two Padawans were playing pranks on others or each other.

Following Jacob's departure from the Jedi Order, Coryn trained in the many classes that were offered.

Jedi ApprenticeEdit

Coryn received the majority of his Padawan training in classes held by Jedi Master Verse Dawnstrider before being promoted to Jedi Apprentice. Despite the mysterious absence of his master, Jacob Murano, Coryn flourished under the tutelage of N'yssa Farifax. Jedi Farifax taught him more about the ways of the Force, for which he gained a definite affinity. He began to use the Force as his primary tool in fights trying to make up for what he lacked in offensive saber skills. This dependence on the Force however often left him drained and weak before the end of the fight.

Jedi KnightEdit

Shortly after his return from captivity at the hands of Sith Lady Leilel, Coryn was promoted to Jedi Knight. He continued his Force training with N'yssa Farifax, and received some additional saber training from Master Dawnstrider.

Coryn's luck with students has been hit and miss, with many going MIA and at least one leaving the order. Coryn's first and closest student was Satkia Beltrak. He trained Satkia from Padawan to Jedi Knight before asking Jedi Master Navaria Tarkin to complete her training.

Jedi GuardianEdit

Coryn has not yet joined the ranks of the Jedi Guardians.

Jedi MasterEdit

Coryn has yet to reach the rank of Jedi Master.

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Out of CharacterEdit

This is only his second RP'ing experience. About ten years ago he was part of an Instant Messenger based RPG set in the Dragon Ball Z universe. He is a History and Spanish major who wants to be a High School Teacher/Coach.

About the RoleplayerEdit

You can call me: Coryn, Cor, Justin, Woodsey...

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